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Garden Oaks Script

The Tale of How It Happened

By: Danica Horton 




MRS. SMITH - Rosie's Grandmother


SKYLAR-an elf

KEVIN- a vampire


KURT- a creepy guy


Scene 1

Narrator: This is the Tale of How It Happened. Our story begins on a seemingly perfect day. Here, in the small town of Littleville, we find Ms. Smith. Today, Ms. Smith has chosen to surprise her granddaughter with a trip to the Natural History Museum.


Mrs. Smith: Look over here, Rosie, I want you to see this tree!


Rosie: Looks like an ordinary tree to me.


Mrs. Smith: Ah, but it isn’t! 


Rosie: What is it, Grandma?


Mrs. Smith: Well, Rosie, this tree has very special powers. For this is not just ‘any’ tree- this is the tree of Mystiville!


Rosie: But it says right here, “Painted Maple”.


Mrs. Smith: That’s simply because if the rest of the world knew what this tree could really do, there would be terrible consequences! So it must be kept a secret! I should tell you something, my Rosie-- something no one else knows, not even your parents!


Rosie: Tell me, please, Grandma! 


Mrs. Smith: My dear Rosie, I think you are finally old enough to know the truth. Take my hand, and hold your left palm to the trunk of this tree.


Narrator: Rosie carefully follows her grandmother’s instruction, when suddenly--



(HUGE NOISE, as we transform the museum into Mystiville)


Narrator: Little Rosie and Ms. Smith suddenly find themselves in a place Ms. Smith has not seen in many years, a place known as, “Mystiville”...


Mrs. Smith: Welcome to Mystiville, Rosie!


Rosie: Grandma! What is this place?! How did we get here?!


Mrs. Smith: The tree in the museum, Rosie! That is a secret portal to this wonderful world. 


Rosie: But how did you know that?


Mrs. Smith: I grew up here, my dear! You see, you and I are part of something much different than what normal humans know-- This place is home to a variety of creatures, all with very special powers!


Narrator: Rosie begins to notice that a number of creatures have begun poking through the woods towards them, to investigate the newcomers.


Mrs. Smith: Don’t be afraid, Rosie! (To the rest of the group) Hello, everyone, it’s me! Ms. Smith! 


(Other creatures join in celebration to welcome back Ms. Smith.)


Mrs. Smith: Please introduce yourselves-- this is my granddaughter, Rosie!


Gerald: My name is Gerald. As you can see, I am a llama. But not just any llama- I can puke rainbows!


Rosie: That’s...unique…


Skylar: My name is Skylar. I am an Elf, and I hold the powers of Love & Water.


Mrs. Smith: Skylar is one of my oldest friends. We have gone on many adventures together.


Rosie: Grandma, does this mean you’re an elf, too?


Mrs. Smith: Yes, Rosie! And you are, too! I couldn’t reveal this to you sooner because your parents are still unaware (the Elf gene skips a generation). 


Skylar: We certainly are glad to see you, Ms. Smith. There is a crisis that we have been struggling with- would you be willing to help us?


Mrs. Smith: A crisis? What is it?


Gerald: Someone or something has been stealing the power of the Elves in Mystiville. 


Skylar: Yes, Ms. Smith- we Elves are only able to perform our magical duties at 60% power recently. We need to discover the source of the theft and return the power to the Elves!


Mrs. Smith: Of course, Skylar! Anything for the creatures of Mystiville. Rosie, I know this is a lot to take in all at once, but do you think you could accompany me and learn about Mystiville while helping the good creatures who live here?


Skylar: Please do, Rosie- you will learn about life here! But Ms. Smith- have you told her yet about--


(Mrs Smith cuts her off and gestures for her not to continue)


Mrs. Smith: Oh- that she’s an Elf? Yep she knows!


(Awkward silence for a moment)


Mrs. Smith: Well, Rosie- are you ready?


Rosie: Yes, Grandma! 


Mrs. Smith: In that case, Skylar- lead the way!


Narrator: And so, the crew set out to discover who or what could be causing the Elves’ power to have diminished.



(The group is walking through the woods, when Kevin surprises them.)


Kevin: Ah-HAH!


(ALL scream)


Rosie: Grandma, look out! A vampire!


Kevin: Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten anyone! My name is Kevin and although I AM a vampire as you have “pointed” out, I am not evil, I am nice! AND, I do not wish to be a vampire anymore.


Skylar: Kevin, how did you find us? How can we help?


Kevin: I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the Elves in Mystiville have been operating with less power than normal.


Gerald: But I still have my rainbow vomit power!


Skylar: Yes, yes, Gerald, we’re all very happy for you…


Kevin: Anyway, the other day I stumbled upon an Elf named Bob who said he could help me stop being a Vampire, but then when all the Elves’ magic stopped working normally, he had to stop the spell to try to help the Elves instead. We went our separate ways and I’ve been looking for him since.


Mrs. Smith: Oh, Kevin, that’s awful! But don’t worry, both Skylar and I know Bob- let’s do our Elf call together and get him to join us! Then we can all work together to help the Elves and help Kevin!


Rosie: Wow, Grandma, this is a little complicated.


Mrs. Smith: Don’t worry, dear. You’ll understand in time.


Skylar: Now, Ms. Smith, let’s do our Elf call for Bob!



(Skylar and Mrs. Smith do their Elf Call; Bob suddenly jumps on to stage)


Bob: You rang? Oh, Ms. Smith! How wonderful to see you! Has Skylar told you about our crisis?


Mrs. Smith: Yes, Bob, I’m so sorry to hear it, but fortunately my granddaughter, Rosie, and I are here to help!


Bob: Granddaughter Rosie! Ms. Smith-- did you tell her yet?


(She gestures for him to stop talking)


Mrs. Smith: Oh...sure, she knows all about the fact that she’s an Elf…


(Another awkward pause)


Bob: Okay, cool, cool- uhm, well in that case, Kevin it’s good to see you as well! I’m sorry I had to stop the spell earlier, but if we Elves don’t get our power back, we’ll never be able to help you!


Kevin: Then I am here to help you! Do you have any idea what caused the magic to stop working?


Bob: I have a feeling there’s one person around here in Mystiville who might have some answers…


ALL (except Rosie): It’s Kurt! The Creep!


Rosie: Grandma, who’s The Creep??


Mrs. Smith: Well, Rosie, back a few hundred years ago (time works differently here, don’t worry about it), a very scary clown arrived in Mystiville from another realm.


Gerald: We’re not sure how we got here, but he’s always been jealous of the Elves’ power, so everyone, even us magic llamas, have always kept our distance just to be safe.


Skylar: He hasn’t been seen for decades, but he lives in the Creepy Castle he built a few miles from here. 


Bob: I’ll bet he’s finally discovered the Elven Rock of Glandriken and stolen it for himself!


Rosie: Oh no! ….what’s that?


Mrs. Smith: The Elven Rock of Glandriken is a sacred stone that has been safely hidden away in the depths of Mystiville’s caves… but it sounds like The Creep finally discovered its location and has stolen it to try to steal the Elves’ power.


Gerald: It’s time for action! Let’s confront Kurt The Creep!


ALL: To Creepy Castle!



(All begin walking as we change the set from the woods to Creepy Castle)


Narrator: And so, the group heads out to Creepy Castle. However, Little Rosie doesn’t know the effect that solving this mystery will CAUSE!


(Mrs Smith shushes the Narrator)


Narrator: Jeeze, sorry! ….The group arrives at what can only be described as a Very Creepy Castle. 


(Skylar, Bob and Mrs. Smith knock on the door. There is no answer.)


Skylar: We know you’re in there, Creep! Come out and hand over the Elven Rock of Glandriken!


(Kurt jumps out behind them)


Kurt: Boo!


(All jump and scream)


Kurt: I have no idea what you mean! (He is clearly holding something behind his back)


Bob: We know you have it, Creep! Just give it back and we won’t exile you. 


Skylar: If you cooperate, we will even allow you to join our Elven group.


Gerald: We do karaoke on Fridays!


Bob: Yeah, and if you don’t give it back you’re not invited!


Bob: Why would I want to do that? I LOVE being a scary clown! And now that I have the Elven Rock of Glandriken, I can harness the Elven power I’ve always desired! I can make my own karaoke machine if I wanted to!


Kevin: But isn’t karaoke more fun with friends?


Kurt: Who needs friends? Now I have scare power AND Elven power! MUAHAHAHAH!


(As he laughs to himself, Rosie has snuck around behind him, and manages to steal the rock out of his hands. She runs back to join the group.)


Rosie: Grandma, Grandma, I got it!!


Mrs. Smith: Great work, my dear!


ALL (except Sebastian): [Yay! Woo! Good job! Hooray!]


Skylar: The Elven Power has been restored!


ALL (except Sebastian): [Yay! Woo! Good job! Hooray!]


Kurt: Oh NO! You tricked me! I didn’t know you had a small child with you! Why weren’t you afraid of me?!


Mrs. Smith: Because she has her own Elven power! 


(Realizing he is defeated, Kurt sulks in the corner.)


Bob: And now, Kevin, we can finally give you the gift of De-Vampira!


(Some cool magic thing happens, and Kevin loses his teeth and cape)


Kevin: This is amazing! Thank you for helping me, my wonderful Elf friends! I can finally make new friends without wanting to drink their blood!


ALL: ….Eww.


Skylar: And now, Creep, I think it’s time we helped you as well.


Kurt: Why would you help me after I stole the Elven Rock and tried to destroy you?


Kevin: Because being friends is WAY better than being enemies.


Rosie: Grandma, I want to help, too!


Mrs. Smith: I thought you might. But Rosie, you need to know something else. If you choose to use this new Elven magic, you will have to remain here and learn the ways of the Elves until you are an adult. Only then can you decide whether or not to return to Earth. 


Gerald: This is a big decision, Rosie. Choose wisely.


Rosie: I already know what I have to do, Grandma.


Mrs. Smith: Rosie- are you sure? 


Rosie: Yes, Grandma- because sometimes a little love goes a long way.


(Rosie takes Mrs. Smiths hand, then they take hands with Bob and Skylar, and they do some Elf Magic on Kurt and give him the gift of love and friendship. Kurt transforms to something not Creepy.)


Rosie: Grandma, it worked! 


Mrs. Smith: I’m so proud of you, Rosie! I know that was very tough. But your parents will be so proud of you. Now that you know the truth, and you have chosen to stay here in Mystiville, I can return to Earth and tell them everything. In time, they will even be able to visit you here!


Skylar: What a brave girl you are, Rosie. We’re so excited to train you and make you part of our Elven group.


Gerald: And do karaoke with you!


(ALL celebrate, except Kurt who looks scared)


Kurt: Hey, everyone--


(They ALL stop and wait for him to speak)


Kurt: … Can I come to karaoke, too?




(ALL celebrate.)


Narrator: Well, there you have it, everyone- That is the Tale of How It Happened. Goodnight!


ALL: And they all lived happily ever after!






This play may not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, transmitted or reproduced, or performed without the express permission of the author. Permission may be sought by contacting both Theater Lab 1.5! and Danica Horton; & Royalties may apply.

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