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Garden Oaks Montessori - Kindergarten - 2nd

Take Me out to the Graveyard Meets the Heros of Baseball





AMINA – BATTY. Babe Ruths actual missing bat that is transformed by Veronica into a BAT. Acutal name is Louise Ville.

VERONICA, Witch sister of BABE. Turns Baseball Bat into a live Bat. 


WEREDOG that likes to eat baseballs

SYDNEY – BRAVE also a ball player






CRAIG the grounds keeper…all the kids think he is a zombie





Setting neighborhood with kids playing in the field. Next to the field is a graveyard….


NARRATOR: In the near future in the quite neighborhood of Garden Oaks, there were a group of kids that loved baseball. They always played in a field that had a park.

KIDS: Yeah…Spring training.


NARRATOR: Next to the park was a graveyard. (Enter CRAIG) In the graveyard there was a groundskeeper named Craig. Craig scared the children. (beat - KIDS see Craig, scream and exit)


CRAIG: I don’t know why they are so scared of me. (He exits)


NARRATOR: There was also a weredog that loved to prey on baseballs. (Enter Weredog) She lived in a cave in the forest near the graveyard and only came out to search for baseballs when there was a full moon.




NARRATOR: Our story also has 2 baseball legends; (Enter AARON & RUTH) Hank Aaron and the ghost of Babe Ruth.


HANK & BABE: Take me out to the ball game! (to the tune)


NARRATOR: Please no autographs until after the play. Babe Ruth had a sister named Veronica who was secretly a witch. (ENTER VERONICA) She drank a special potion which allowed her to live forever.


VERONICA: (Laughs wickedly-exits)


NARRATOR: Meanwhile the kids were enjoying the spring time and celebrating spring training.


DRAKE: (pretending to swing a bat) And the great Babe Ruth hits a grand slam. And the crowd goes wild.


XAVIER: Ah come on man…Everyone knows Hank Aaron is the best hitter.


DRAKE: What did you say?


GISELLA: I think what he said was Hank Aaron is the best player. Ever!


SYDNEY: Come on guys. Both were good.


NARRATOR: As the great debate went on over who the best player of all time was, Veronica arrived at the scene. She listened as the argument escalated. She did not like when someone said her brother the “Great Bambino” Babe Ruth was not the best so she cast a spell….


VERONICA: (sneaking DSL) He doesn’t think Babe is the best huh? I will show him. (casts spell)


XAVIER: Aaron.


DRAKE: Ruth …


XAVIER: Hammerin’ Hank


DRAKE: NO!!! The Great Bambino!




GISELLA: Yeah…You need to play nice.


XAVIER: (suddenly has to go to the bathroom) Oh no…I have to go. The chilli dogs ..oh no. Oh no. Oh NO! NO!!! (Runs offstage)


NARRATOR: Suddenly out of nowhere, Hank Aaron was there with his bat.


HANK: Hey kids.


DRAKE: (stage whisper) Oh Xavier…I think you better get over here.


XAVIER: (from offstage) In a  minute!


SYDNEY: Oh my gosh. Its Hank Aaron.


HANK: You kids want to play some ball? Let me show you my cross handed grip.


KIDS: Yeah..


NARRATOR: So they played some baseball and when they got to the 7th inning stretch, MOM called the kids to come in for lunch.


MOM: (calling) Kids…Lunch is ready. We are having Ball Park Franks.


DRAKE: Can we bring our new friend?


MOM: Sure!


NARRATOR: So the kids invited Hank to lunch. (EXIT) They left there equipment in the field.


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the little Weredog was looking for a ball to prey upon. She sniffed her way into the field and smelled the leather ball. She wagged

her tail. When she came upon the ball, she howled.


ELSYE: (HOWL) Oh Boy….Oh Boy… Oh Boy …Oh Boyyyyyy….I will bury my ball. (Exits)


NARRATOR: Also, Veronica snuck out into the field. This time she was accompanied by her brother the ghost, Babe Ruth.


BABE: Oh Veronica… what are you up to. It must be hard to be the person that never gives up.


VERONICA: I will show these kids you are the best player …ever!


BABE: How are you going to do that?


VERONICA: I will transform this bat into a bat…


NARRATOR: So she took her wand and waved it over the baseball bat. The bat suddenly became a live bat.  


AMINA: EEK EEK…. What have you done?


VERONICA: You will now be a bat that will fly instead of making pop flys. (Laughs evily)


AMINA: Ouch…why is the sun burning me.


BABE: What did you do to Louise... Louise Ville slugger?


AMINA: (looking offstage) Oh look a cave.


NARRATOR: So the Louise Ville Slugger vampire bat flew to the cave where the Weredog was hiding and waited to be found.


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, all the kids came back to the field.  But they could not find their equipment. They all became sad. Veronica and Babe sat and listened. The groundskeeper Craig was moving headstones at the grave yard.


SYDNEY: Who would steal a bat from kids?


DRAKE: Yeah and a ball?


MIA: Maybe the groundskeeper at the grave yard.


GISELLA: Ya…I hear he is a zombie.

(Craig is staring at them. He waves. They get scared)


DRAKE: Probably is a zombie and eats little kids.


XAVIER: I am just glad I don’t have diarrhea anymore.


MIA: Lets look for the ball.

(all looking)


SYDNEY: Look, I found this one.


MIA: Maybe we can make a bat.


DRAKE: How are we going to do that?


NARRATOR: Just then Babe Ruth’s spirit came out.


BABE: Hey kids!


KIDS: The great Bambino…No WAY!


BABE: Why don’t you make a bat out of a hickory branch?


SYDNEY: Great Idea.


NARRATOR: So Babe Ruth showed the kids how to widdle a branch down into a bat.


BABE: It is not ideal but once I swung a 54 ounce Hickory Bat.


XAVIER: That is a big Bambino piece of Lumber!


MIA: Wow!!!


GISELLA: That is one big bat.


NARRATOR: So the kids and Babe Ruth made the Hickory bat and with the found ball were able to make a game in the afternoon.


NARRATOR: Back at the house, Hank Aaron had just finished a call with his agent.  And was speaking with the mom to get her chilli recipe.


MOM: The secret ingredient is in the brown sugar and chilli powder…and love.


HANK: Good to know. I always like a good chilli dog. Hey, do you want to come see the kids and I play on the field?


MOM: Sure.


NARRATOR: So Hank Aaron and Mom went to the field where the kids were playing. They watched and Hank coached when all of a sudden Drake hit the

ball out of the park and it landed in the graveyard.


XAVIER: Great…who’s going to get the ball?


MIA: not me. I am scared of the groundskeeper.


XAVIER: Not me either. Yeah. I hear he is a zombie. Drake should go. He knocked it out of the park


DRAKE: No way. That zombie is not eating my brains.


SYDNEY: (bravely stands up to the challenge) I will go.



NARRATOR: Meanwhile Craig was feeling very blue. You see Craig had a special secret. He loved baseball, but no one ever asked if he wanted to play. Instead he was always stuck with his old shovel pretending to hit dirt out of the graveyard.


CRAIG: And it’s the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs and three bases loaded the score is 5 to 2 and Craig is up to bat. If he makes this grand slam that sends the Astros to the World Series. Can he do it? and Boom goes the dynamite! It is outta there. Grand slam to make history. Astros go to the World Series.

(he realizes…sadly)

Too bad no one will ever see me hit a grand slam.


NARRATOR: At that moment Babe Ruth’s ghost heard this.


BABE: So you wanna play ball kid?


CRAIG: (sees who it is) WOW!!! BABE RUTH!! Are you kidding?


BABE: Yeah. That’s me. You want to play ball?


CRAIG: More than anything.


BABE: I tell you what, You will need a ball and a bat.


NARRATOR: At that very moment a ball landed at his feet. He grabbed it off the ground. But Craig did not know if he had a bat. He went in his cave to see if he had either in his trunk. He did not see a baseball bat but he did see a flying Bat.


AMINA: EE EE….What are you looking for?




AMINA: I am a bat.


CRAIG: I need a baseball bat.


AMINA: No I am a bat…really.


CRAIG: Funny…I get that but I mean Baseball…Baseball.. you know. BAT!


AMINA: Well My name is Louise. Louise Ville Slugger.


BABE: Did you just say Louise Ville Slugger?


AMINA: Yes. I was transformed into a Flying bat by your sister.


BABE: That’s right… The kids are looking for you.


NARRATOR: Just then Sydney arrived. She was at the mouth of the cave. 


SYDNEY: Hello. (scared)


CRAIG: Hello.


SYDNEY: Please don’t eat me.


CRAIG: Why would I do that? That is just Bat Guano Crazy.


SYDNEY: They say you are a zombie.


CRAIG: What? I am not a zombie.


SYDNEY: We are looking for our ball. It went over the fence into the graveyard. Have you seen it?


CRAIG: This ball? (he holds it out)


SYDNEY: Yes. That ball. Can I have it back?


CRAIG: Sure. (he goes to toss it but right as he does to WEREDOG grabs it.)


WEREDOG: Oh Look. Another Ball…YUMMY.


BABE: No no…bad dog. You give that back now. (dog dropps ball and BABE picks it up). Tell you what why don’t we all go play some ball? And Veronica…. (she appears) Can you make this Bat back into Louise Ville Slugger.


VERONICA: I guess so.


ALL (onstage): YAY.


NARRATOR: So they all went back to the field where the kids had played baseball all spring. They had their bat Louise Ville back, more players and the Ghost of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron coaching.


MOM: Who wants a Hot Dog?


CRAIG: That sounds delicious. Even though it is not chocolate.


DRAKE: I just hit another home run.


SYDNEY: I am so glad we can go into the graveyard and get our balls.


XAVIER: Actually, our new friend weredog can fetch our balls.




SYDNEY: That is a good dog. Do you want a hot dog?






BABE AND HANK: This is the best Spring Training Ever.


XAVIER DRAKE & CRAIG: At the very least it is Bat Guano Crazy!


ALL: And they all lived happily ever after.



This play may not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, transmitted or reproduced, or performed without the express written permission of the author. Permission may be sought by contacting Theater Lab 1.5! Royalties may apply.

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