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Durham Elementary

X Kids Mythos


Scientist using DNA...

CORNELIUS is the lead scientist that creates DNA to bring mythical creatures back to GREECE. Works in underground outhouse.

IGOR. Scientist that is the assistant to CORNELIUS. He makes WOLFSBANE and saves the day by mixing WINDEGO and WOLFTON DNA.

The Villians...

MEDUSA wears gold toga, turns people to stone, can never get killed. Originally a Pegasus. Broke her vow of not eating candy and Athena turned her into Medusa. Beautiful and people want to look at her.

STHENNO (Medusa's sister) turns people to stone/pebbles

PYRO a fire breathing dragon, water weakness


WOLFTON teenage werewolf “leader of” himself, does not listen, mischievous, likes to look into mirror

WOLFSBANE second wolf created after WOLFTON. He is the better of the 2. Stronger, funnier, and nicer. Helps stop the mythical beings from destroying the planet.

A Guy...

TONY from land of wheat. Can’t get enough cereal (FFlakes and FLoops) Cereal prevents him from turning to stone.

Heros from afar...

WINDEGO Lives in Forest. Got to GREECE by Pegasus. He has antlers. People are afraid of him though he means well.

PEGASUS flies Windego to rescue from dragon


XAVIER he is a cyclops (wear an eye patch).  Uses Cerebral to find beings.  


SCENE 1 A secret base under a Greek Temple under an outhouse


NARRATOR: In the near future the world is broken into two factions; the Humans (enter CEREAL KILLER crossing stage eating cereal -EXIT) and the Mythos (WINDEGO, PEGAS, MED, STHENNO enter and exit).

At 5:40 AM Scientist at a secret base were working with natural order to create a being that is capable of bringing the factions together and create world order.


IGOR: (offers donut to CORNELIUS) Donut Master?


CORNELIUS: IGOR!!! Now you know I have a weakness for donuts. Keep them away from me!!!

(CORNELIUS is Center stage mixing solutions in beakers. IGOR is US with WOLFTON trying to give him commands but the weredog just will not listen)


IGOR: Sit. Sit Wolfton. (pause-dog does not listen) Why won’t this weredog listen to me?


WOLTON: I am the Leader of ME!!! (laughs mischievously-then howls. Then sits and pretends to scratch behind ear like a pup.)


CORNELIUS: Igor, will you pass me the deoxyribonucleic acid for a lizard.


IGOR: Yes Master. Master how long will we be in this Secret Base under this Greek Temple (waves his hand in front of his face as if stinky)… under this outhouse?


CORNELIUS: Until we have completed the receptor chain of the DNA sequence to make the perfect Mythological creature to rule the world.


IGOR: But it stinks down here.


CORNELIUS: Suck it up IGOR. If you want to keep your job. (he walks by WOLFTONS and PYROS cage and they growl.) Now bring me the lizard. Let’s make a Dragon.

 (IGOR goes offstage and comes back on with PYRO who is fighting.)


PYRO: RARRRRRR. What are you doing?


CORNELIUS: Relax lizard king. Once you are injected with this Gene you will be able to bring justice to the land at last and unite the Mythos and humans.

(He injects PYRO. PYRO is outraged begins to throw orange tissue paper, string or fabric - like fire.)

Take Cover Igor!!!


(PYRO exits running offstage)


WOLFTON: (Makes a confused sound like scooby doo) Rarrrrr?


IGOR: Great another botched experiment. Will we ever get the sequence right?


CORNELIUS: One day Igor. (puts arm around him CS) One day…




SCENE 2 An outside area near a village


NARRATOR: The altered lizard, now a new dragon, had escaped and was on the loose. The dragon was really getting familiar with his power. He visited nearby cities and burned villages to the ground. But one day he ran into two sisters of Gorgon, Medusa and Sthenno.


(Enter PYRO)


Medusa and Sthenno were princesses once. (ENTER UL) The 2 sisters were told to never eat candy by Athena but did not obey and were transformed from Pegasus into Medusas with snakes coming out of their hair. They did not like when people made fun of their hair, so they would the person would

turn into stone…or in Sthenno’s case, pebbles. 


PYRO: I am soooooo bored. Nothing to burn.


MEDUSA: (to STHENNO) What is that being?


STHENNO: It appears to be a lizard.


PYRO: Actually, I WAS a lizard but I am now a Dragon. I am from Gorgon. I am invincible. Only a Windego can destroy me.


(ENTER WINDEGO SL…then Back off-laughs evilly)


My family were the Jone’s.


MEDUSA: OMG!!! We are from the Jone’s clan. On the Mountain by the temple of near Vesuvius.


PYRO: No WAY!!! We are from near that temple too!!!!




MEDUSA: Nice family reunion. Now, let’s pass through the river.


PYRO: WAIT! I can’t!!! Water is my weakness.


MEDUSA: Okay then. Let’s pass over that mountain yonder.


STHENNO: (Evily) And go make havoc on some villages!


MEDUSA, PYRO, & STHENNO: YAY!!! (sing to “Off to see the Wizard) oh… We are off to wreak Havoc, on the wonderful village below, because because because because the wonderful evil we know….


SCENE 3 Back at the Lab


NARRATOR: Meanwhile a Ranger and Captain named XAVIER was called in to the Secret base to try and find the missing Dragon.


XAVIER: So what does this dragon look like.


IGOR: You know…a giant lizard.


CORNELIUS: Yes. A fire breathing lizard.


(WOLTON is scratching at XAVIER pant leg.)


XAVIER: What’s with the weredog?


WOLFTON: Play…Fetch. I want to play fetch. Grrrr.


IGOR: Down boy. (notices shedding hair) Boy you shed a lot. You could make a wig out of that hair.


XAVIER: He is cute. Is he a tracking type? SIT…(he does not listen)


WOLFTON: I like to lead myself thank you very much.


CORNELIUS: He does not listen. He keeps saying that…”I like to lead myself”. Not very obedient.  


IGOR: (has gone offstage and comes back on with WOLFSBANE) I am working on another prototype of the Werewolf.


WOLFSBANE: I am a good boy. Yes I am. How can I help you master?


IGOR: Sit! (he does) We hope this one will listen better.


XAVIER: So you guys just do weird animal experiments is all…okay so back to it. I will help you track the Dragon Pyro. Let me go check in with Cerebro and see if I can locate him.


ALL: Good Idea Captain Xavier.




SCENE 4 in the lab on cerebral

NARRATOR: So XAVIER (USR with CEREBRO Machine) got on Cerebral and did a search into the planetary minds to see where the dragon was. Little did he know what he would see.


Villages were being conquered by the Mythos team of Pyro, Sthenno and Medusa as they went across all of Europe turning villagers into stone and burning cities. Until they came across one village where TONY was eating cereal. The lands nearby had no wheat left as he was the notorious Cereal Killer but was about to make an amazing discovery as he sat outside when the SNAKE CHARMERS as they became known walked up.


(SNAKE CHARMERS snapping fingers making hissing sounds...WEST SIDE STORYISH)

TONY: (with a bowl and spoon) yum yum… (notices Snakecharmers) Who are you guys?


PYRO: We are..


SNAKECHARMERS: The Snake Charmers-ssssssssss.


MEDUSA: And we are going to turn you to stone and burn your fields.


TONY: (continues to eat)…okay… what fields?


PYRO: He’s right there is nothing to burn here. (disappointed)


TONY: Hey. What’s wrong with your hair?


MEDUSA: (very offended) WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY. TO. ME?


STHENNO: We will turn you into stone.


(MED and STH scrunch up their faces but nothing happens)


MEDUSA: Why are you not turning to stone?


TONY: I don’t know… Man this cereal is good.


STHENNO: Let’s take him prisoner. Come with us. (he does not move but continues to eat) NOW!!!


TONY: GRRRRRRRRReat! (like tony the tiger)




(XAVIER crosses center)


SCENE 5 split scene- back at lab and Canada (Pegasus & Windego)


NARRATOR: Meanwhile back at the lab...


XAVIER: Medusas have united with Pyro….hmmm. They are in a similar species with their altered DNA….But why didn’t the cereal killer become stone? I better call WINDEGO. (picks up phone. Dials.)

WINDEGO: (SL-on phone) Hello.

XAVIER: WINDEGO. We need your help to contain a situation. Can you please come to Greece and help contain Medusa, Sthenno and Pyro? Those guys are on the loose.


WINDEGO: You know I can burn the Dragons heart if needed to stop him.


XAVIER: I know. Maybe Pegasus can stop Medusa. Let’s try to be peaceful though.


WINDEGO: What if I fly over with Pegasus? I examine the situation and present to you some options?


XAVIER: Sounds good (hangs up and exits)


WINDEGO: Pegasus. (Calls) Pegasus…


PEGASUS: (Enters) Hey what’s up?


WINDEGO: We gotta fly the friendly skies. Medusa, your aunt Sthenno and some Dragon Named Pyro are destroying Europe. We gotta go bailout Greece.


PEGASUS: (scared) But my mother she is…


WINDEGO: (stops her) Yes I know…Don’t worry. She will not make you eat candy and turn you into a snake too.


PEGASUS: Promise?


WINDEGO: Yes. I will get you a guard.




SCENE 6 Back at lab


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, XAVIER was trying to determine the connection between Cereal and why TONY had not been changed into stone.


XAVIER: (thinks)…That’s it!




The secret is in the cereal.


IGOR: (whispering) I am sorry what’s the secret?


XAVIER: On Cerebro I saw it. The Cereal Killer was eating cereal. The cereal is keeping him protected. But why?

(They all think…Wolfs make Scooby Doo sounds like I don’t know)


CORNELIUS: I got it. It’s the DNA. The DNA of the wheat fields has been altered. It protects him with the DNA receptor chain. Fetch me my research book.


WOLFTON: You are not my master!

(Meanwhile WOLFSBANE comes back book.)


IGOR AND CORN: (are shocked…) He obeyed!


IGOR: Sit. (he does) That’s a good boy. (to CORNELIUS) My dog is better than your dog.

(CORNELIUS Roles his eyes)


NARRATOR: LATER THAT DAY....So they researched genetically modified components and had some ideas. They would all eat cereal to protect themselves from Medusa types.  The GMOs acted as a vaccine to protect from the Medusa effect.

(Enter PEG and WIND)


About that time, Pegasus and Windego had arrived at the secret base to meet up with Headquarters. They all shook hands or paws (mime onstage). They sat down to be briefed on situation, while eating cereal. Xavier applied the Cerebro machine one last time to see the direction of the SNAKECHARMERS.


CORNELIUS: Do you see them?


XAVIER: Yes. They are close. They have stopped for a bag of Jelly beans.


PEGUSAS: Uh Oh… Those keep MEDUSA from being nice.


IGOR: I have an idea. Let’s modify the sugar cane and see if it will make Wolfsbane stronger?


CORNELIUS: How will that work?


IGOR: With the combination of Sugar and Wheat he will become all powerful. He obeys well. He is a good boy. Trust me master!


XAVIER and WINDEGO: It can’t hurt!






NARRATOR: Several hours had passed.


IGOR: We are ready to inject the super serum. Here boy. It will be okay.


(WOLFSBANE apprehensively raises his paw. He injects his arm with a serum. They wait all looking on for a minute.) 


WINDEGO: Nothing is happening.


CORNELIUS: Give it a minute.


(WOLFSBANE starts to hiccup)


Great!!! That’s just great. The one dog that obeyed and now he is ruined. Great!!!! (he improvs great wonderful etc.


(about then WOLSBANE starts to stand up really tall.)


IGOR: Uh master Cornelius. Look.


(WOLFSBANE stand very tall now and howls very loud and proud)



PEGASUS: But how will he defeat the Snakecharmers?


WINDEGO: You will see. Come on everyone.


(WINDEGO & PEGASUS go to exit. Other stay)


I mean everyone!


SCENE 7 Town Square


NARRATOR: So they set off to find the Snake Charmer gang with their bowls of cereal. They did not need to go far. In fact, the Charmers were down by a

donut shop eating maple bacon donuts (CORNELIUS is listening to narrator getting entranced), jelly filled donuts, & candy cane crusted donuts.


IGOR: Professor Cornelius…what are you doing?


CORNELIUS: (in a tranced state) DONUTS... Must have Donuts….


XAVIER: That is why he never would have made secret agent.


PEGASUS: Stay away from the candy donuts. Those things will corrupt you.


WOLFTON: Did someone say Bacon? (pants like a happy dog)




TONY: STAY BACK. KEEP EATING YOUR CEREAL. Can’t you see? It’s a trap…


NARRATOR: Just then MEDUSA confronted of CORNELIUS as he was gazing at the Donut Marque. Before he could look her in the eye, the amazing


WOLFSBANE jumped in front of her and stopped CORNELIUS from making eye contact. (he falls to ground broken from trance)

STHENNOS: You will pay for that you bad dog. You will PAY!


PYRO: Let me burn the town square down.


WINDEGO: Wait. You do that and I will destroy you!


PYRO: I am invincible. NO one can destroy me. (laughs evily)… Well that and a pail of water. (laughs again)


XAVIER: You are wrong. The WINDEGO can burn your heart. It is the only being that can defeat a fire breathing dragon… (to audience) well, a Windego and a pail of water.


MEDUSA: He is right. But Medusa can turn him to stone. (nani nani Boo Boo)


NARRATOR: Just then PEGASUS jumped in front of MEDUSA.


PEGASUS: (Neighing like a horse) It has been a long time mother.


MEDUSA: Pegasus…What are you doing here? Do you want some candy little girl?


PEGASUS: No Mother. I am here to stop you so the world can have peace.


STHENNOS: You have been hanging out with these mortals too long.  


WINDEGO: You ladies have some crazy hair! (not looking her in the eyes though and eating cereal)








PYRO: I will destroy you.


WOLFSBANE: No you will not. I will drool on you!


WINDEGO: Threaten us again lizard king and I will burn your heart into Barbacoa.


PYRO: You wouldn’t dare.


WINDEGO: Try me.


XAVIER: Enough. What is it going to take for world peace?


MEDUSA: would be nice if we weren’t made fun of because of our hair.


STHENNO: Yeah…we want good hair days.


NARRATOR: Just then Wolfton brought them a hair ball to put over their snakes.


WOLFTON: There you go.


MEDUSA & STHENNOS: Well isn’t this nice?


STHENNOS: Sister, your hair looks so good.

MEDUSA: You too sister.




XAVIER: and what about you Pyro the dragon? What’s it going to take to keep you from burning down the villages…


IGOR: That are left…


PYRO: I want to be a lizard…no a bearded dragon again and released back into the wild.


IGOR: OKAY. Let me see what type of DNA I can mix up. Come with us back to the lab… Cornelius, can we make that happen?






XAVIER: Thanks for coming to our aid.


WINDEGO: No problem. Glad to help. I am going back to my Algonquian tribe now.


PEGASUS: Need a lift.


WINDEGO: That would be great.


PEGASUS AND WINDEGO: See you later guys!




XAVIER: That just leaves us. So, do you have any interest in special forces?


WOLFSBANE: That has always been my goal. To be a TOP DOG in SPECIAL FORCES.


XAVIER: Well I have a secret mission for you.


NARRATOR: So the world of MYTHOS and HUMANS was back in balance even though genetic would still be modified. The mythical beings all found places

in society as did the humans and special ops. Peace was restored into world order…And they all lived.




This play may not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, transmitted or reproduced, or performed without the express written permission of the author. Permission may be sought by contacting Theater Lab 1.5! Royalties may apply.

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