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Theater with "Penelope Poppins"

Theater Lab 1.5! offers day and weekly programs with "Penelope Poppins" for elementary and preschool aged children between the hours of 9:30AM to 2PM. Programs introduce students to the ABCD's of theater arts:

- Actor - learn the role the actor plays

- Backstage - learn the elements that go into "theater magic"

- Characterization and Story development - learn how to read between the lines and story

- Director & Design - learn the role of a director and designer 

This program is designed to give insight to children learning to read plays, creating characters, draw inference from context clues, understanding the importance of backstage elements and what they are in a production, and taking direction in a reading or short performance and playing theater games. 

Pricing for classes offered (*travel fee may apply):

AGES 7-10

- 1 hour intervals/class of 20 students (focus on script readings and analysis)

$5 each additional student over 20 

Day Sessions:


$225/2 Hours

$300/3 Hours

Weekly Class Sessions with production and creative script writing development:

$575 - Hour

$850 - 2 Hours

$1,125 - 3 Hours

AGES 4-6

- 30 minute intervals/class of 16 students (focus on props, costumes, and games)

$5 each/additional student over 16

Day Sessions:

$100/ 30 Minute

$200/ 1 Hour  (2 - 30 minute classes)

$300/ 1.5 Hours  (3 - 30 minute classes)

*Travel fee of $30 applies to areas immediately outside Beltway 8 including Sugarland, The Woodlands, Pearland, and Katy.  

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