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Theater Lab Kids after school program showcases the ideas of students with one overall objective - produce original plays using the individual and collective group creativity to inspire a short play (between 12-25 minutes) with settings, conflicts, props, costumes, and characters. 

Additionally, instruction is provided in areas of movement, vocal projection and warm ups, valuing creative ideas through teamwork, and being a good audience. 

We also practice improvisation and acting exercises, expressing emotional response, theater games, prop construction, as well as touch on costume, set, and makeup designs. 

On the final day of class, casts will perform their original script in front of a live audience. Students are challenged to be playwrights, producers, and performers each session while learning and HAVING FUN!​


Registration must meet 8 students per session to qualify. Our fee includes material and supplies, as well as script writing fee. 




  • A positive attitude and your creativity!!!

  • Script - should be brought everyday

  • Healthy snack 

  • Water

  • Pencil and paper

  • Props student has suggested/proposed (daily to rehearse with item)

  • Costume pieces requested or suggested (final day)

  • Makeup (final day)



  • Cell Phones and Electronics

  • Pokemon or other toys - items that will distract

  • Snacks should be consumed prior to class



We do ask students to bring certain costume pieces for the show. Students may bring costumes from home provided the costume fits their character. In other words, we are not wearing a dinosaur mask if we are playing a boy unless it makes sense. 

Usually 1-2 weeks out before a show, an email is sent out with specifics to suggest characters for costumes or props needed that we cannot make or do not have.  For example, parents will recieve an email with what students should wear or bring. 

  • JOHNNY: jeans and a red shirt. PROP: Broom. 

  • KATIE: Tutu and white T-shirt. PROP: Wand


Emails are periodically sent throughout the session with scripts and updates so parents know what we are working on. 

Students may wear makeup they have put on at home for the final showcase. Makeup will not be provided due to sanitation. 

WHAT ARE EXPECTATIONS? (please read thoroughly)

Theater is a collaborative art form. Students enrolled should be present daily and arrive on time. Students should have a positive attitude about learning/performing and bring their creativity!

Theater requires respect and participation of those involved. Due to the short amount of time we have to write and produce our play, students are expected to be on their best behavior. Students are subject to being removed from activities if they are distracting or disrespectful to others.

Parents may be called if a child is disrespectful or consistently disruptive causing redirection. Students with consistent documented behavioral issues during the camp may be expelled without refund.  

Scripts will not be rewritten if a parent is dissatisfied with the quantity of lines. Scripts may need to be adjusted or modified at the director's discretion. These modifications will be emailed. 


  • are required to keep their hands to themselves.

  • are not to bully. Bullying is not tolerated – both physical and emotional.

  • should have snacks prior to class. We need to work on our production and activities while we are in class - not eating (unless of course during our designated snack/break time).  

  • are to respect props, costumes, and materials provided and aid in clean up prior to dismissal. 

  • that bring Cell Phones, Electronic Devices, or toys on campus will have the item collected during instruction/rehearsal. These items will be returned at the end of class.

  • are encouraged to bring water to class.

  • are discouraged from using violence in the form of killing as a conflict in the play subject or during class exercises. 

  • enrolled are subject to being recorded or photographed. 

  • are expected to speak to their peers and adults in a positive manner. 

  • that are redirected more than 3 times during any sinlge class period will be removed from class and sent to after school providers. Their parent will be contacted within one day. If the issue persist more than three classes, the student may be expelled from class without a refund. 


  • Theater Lab is not responsible for refunds caused by any act of "force majeure" that may cause camp/after school program to cancel once it has started. Examples include but are not limited to freezing/hurricanes/floods, Pandemics, power/plumbing outages, School Closure beyond the makeup days available, etc. -any force out of our control. 

  • If Theater Lab determines a refund shall be issued, we will determine the delivery method, provided we have recieved tuition. 

  • Theater Lab will NOT issue refunds if a parent/child decides to withdraw from class after the first day of instruction. 

  • We will do our best to provide makeup days if needed but there are limited dates available during the semester. We may choose to add 10 minutes of instruction for a six classes. 

  • If a child becomes ill, refunds will NOT be issued for absence. 

  • Masks will NOT be required during instruction unless we are recomended to do so by the CDC or School District.

  • Students should social distance. However, we are performing in a class which may require social interaction, passing props, papers, etc.

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