Classes are structured to incorporate multiple aspects of theater arts. Students are be placed into groups to work on a daily performance composition.


Each class encompasses creative writing/story boarding, crafting/drafting tactile elements such as props, sets,  and costumes, as well as acting and movement exercises and games. We learn to be a good audience and engage both on stage and off stage during class performances. 

In addition, classes incorporate Social Emotional Skills. These skills are vital to understanding people, situations, and communicating as students and beyond. 


At mid semester each class creates a story line setting, with literary elements including a setting, characters, conflict, climax and resolution. Student imaginations come alive to create stories, props, costumes, and act out their original script. They will draft a set, costume or props around the material covered during the class. Shows are then presented in a final performance before an audience the last day of class.

Weekly to Bi-weekly parents receive email updates on the progress of class and exercises the group is working on.


Day classes are also available. Inquire to BRING THEATER TO YOUR SCHOOL   



I love performing and working with kids! I became active in theatrical arts as a teen performing and participating in school shows. Theater helped me through a difficult time in my life. It allowed me to express myself and become involved in activities that were positive. Every child should have this available to them.

I attended the University of Houston and graduated from the School of Theater. I spent 18 years in sales. After years in sales I returned to my passion for theater arts. I began acting and teaching in 2018 with Theater Lab until Covid 19. Covid 19 closed Theater Lab Kids for a brief period. During this time I became a certified teacher by TEA. 


To date, as acting director of Theater Lab Kids Houston, we have written, and directed, and produced 32 short plays written by students. We look forward to producing our next five to ten with your children.  


In addition, to these short plays, I have also participated in outreach partnerships. I have directed and designed/assisted with various productions crafting props, sets, costume, and given backstage support. However, working with children in productions is the most gratifying work I get to do.

A child can accomplish any dream or goal with a little inspiration and direction. Theatre arts offers the perfect opportunity for children to really explore ideas and dream. With theater the world of possibilities is endless!